Personal Flowers: What family members or wedding guests should get flowers?

Here we will do that thing where we answer your question with another question!  Who is participating as part of your ceremony? Or more specifically, who is walking down the aisle? These are the guests who should get flowers, and we call these flowers “personals”.

As part of our coordination package, we provide you with a worksheet that will help you decide who is walking down the aisle and in what order.  As a cheat sheet, here is the typically order for the processional:

  • Officiant
  • Groom
  • Grandparents of the Groom
  • Grandparents of the Bride
  • Parents of the Groom
  • Parents of the Bride  (typically Mom and male escort like brother or cousin)
  • Groomsmen
  • Bridesmaids (sometimes side by side with the groomsmen, and sometimes after them)
  • Ring Bearer
  • Flower Girl
  • Bride and Escort

The bridesmaids traditionally carry bouquets.  Last year we started to see bouquets of all greenery which was very fun and boho.

A boutonniere is that little thing the men wear on their jacket lapel.  These days there are so many ways to make these masculine and cool, since many guys care about that stuff! The most popular plants for a hip boutonniere are blue thistles or succulents.  

For Moms and grandmas there are a few more choices.  They can wear something on their wrist, called a wristlet.  They can wear a pinned corsage which is like a boutonniere but bigger, or they can carry a posey which is a very small handheld bouquet.

Please, please, remember that the ceremony is one of the most personal aspects of the big day so the processional order or the people in it is completely up to you!  We are always asked what is common or what we see most often and it seriously varies all the time.  One of the best parts about planning your big day is that you can make it unique, special and personal to you!

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