How can you save money on wedding flowers?

It might be surprising to think we are giving away all of our secrets, but the truth is we want to save you money.  It is important to us that your wedding LOOKS GOOD so we are glad to help you stretch your budget and not spend where it’s not needed! Here are some tips to remember during your flower consultation:

Tip #1 Reuse centerpieces down the aisle

Your guests will first see your ceremony so you want to put a lot of attention here.  One way to create a breaktaking entrance is to reuse your centerpieces down the aisle first.  They are lush and full so they fill the aisle up, and they can be placed at every chair or in fun clusters on alternating rows. You can have the florist repurpose them after the ceremony or sometimes the coordinator will do it!

Tip #2 Reuse your arch piece too!

Not only is the arch or gazebo a big focus during the ceremony, it is also where a ton of photos are going to be taken.  If you ask us, do not skimp on big oversized florals and greenery here.  You really want the ceremony to have a wow effect! Just remember, that after photos, all of this can be repurposed inside the reception.

Tip #3 Not all the tables have to match

Instead of flowers on every table, how about candles as a centerpieces?  We think the more candle light the better, but usually candles are cheaper than flowers.  So, you can do half the tables in candles and half in flowers!  Or, a smaller centerpiece on every table and more candles!

Tip #4 Reuse your bouquets

Your bridal bouquet is probably the most valuable and more expensive part of the flowers, but it can be reused too!  You can place it in a low vase on the front of your sweetheart table, to make a big lush and beautiful arrangement in front of the two of you.  When it comes time to toss the bouquet, just use one of your bridesmaids!  That way youre not tossing your own, but you also dont have to pay for a “toss bouquet”.

Tip #5 The small details are big

We definitely recommend adding flowers to your cocktail tables, your gift table, the welcome table, and even the restrooms.  But, those pieces don’t have to be huge!  We love “bud” vases which are petit, pretty vessels that just fit one or two flowers.  They are an elegant touch to all these areas for a very low cost.

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